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Larry Kelly has scouted and managed locations for major motion pictures, television series, television pilots, television commercials and special events for over thirty-five years. Larry has been successful in capturing his client’s vision throughout his career in varied areas ranging from numerous cities and counties throughout the US, diverse US National Forests and Monuments, multiple historical landmarks, vast deserts and landscapes, including Canada and Mexico.


Larry effectively manages all situations that would arise prior and during filming by securing all necessary permits, licenses, and contractual agreements, coordinate job specifics with appropriate municipality decision makers, state governors, city mayors, council people, police & fire departments, department of transportation & state and local highways, including international security and foreign municipalities and agencies when necessary. Larry also coordinates the movement of production crew and personnel between locations, assists with travel arrangements and living quarters of “talent” performers. 


Larry reacts assuredly to last-minute changes by providing effective and solid solutions. His deft personal touch complements his managing skills that allows him to overcome difficult logistical issues for production.  His desire has always been to venture into places unknown and to explore the boundaries presented to him. 

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